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Ultrasol® Magnum P44

Ultrasol® Magnum P44 contains 44% P2O5, 17% N and free acid (H+) which makes it a unique product since it is the only dry, strong acid in crystalline form.

Thanks to its acidic action, Ultrasol® Magnum P44 increases the nutrient availability in the soil solution, improves the nutrient uptake efficiency, and helps to prevent the blocking of irrigation systems.

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  • Ultrasol® Magnum P44 is a dry acid that does not have the handling hazards which are often associated with liquid acids.
  • Due to its acidifying nature, Ultrasol® Magnum P44 is particularly suited for calcareous and alkaline soil conditions.
  • Under normal conditions no extra acid treatment is required if Ultrasol® Magnum P44 based water-soluble NPKs are applied.
  • The acidity of Ultrasol® Magnum P44 helps to prevent blockage of pipes and nozzles of the irrigation system, which particularly might occur in hard water.
  • Hard water is high in calcium and magnesium, which are mainly present as calcium and magnesium bicarbonates and carbonates.
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Total Nitrogeno

17,0% (min.)

Water soluble Phosphate (as P2O5)

44,0% (min.)

Matter insoluble

0,5% (max.)


0,5% (max.)

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