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Corporate Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is to play a key role in providing innovative, value driven Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions while creating sustained value for shareholders, customers and employees. Our mission is to enhancing farmers’ wealth by improving the quality and quantity of their crops through a proper guidance and bringing innovative Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions.

Our corporate Values:

We will conduct all of our activities to the highest standards of business and personal ethics.

Respect, Openness and Trust
We will treat one another with respect, we will communicate honestly and as openly as possible, and we will seek diverse perspectives and opinions. When we reach decisions, we will execute them as a unified team.

Customer Satisfaction
We are committed to being a reliable supplier, providing value to our customers by building long-term mutually rewarding relationships.

Environmental Health and Safety Responsibility
We will operate to the highest EHS standards, investing in the protection of employees, the environment and the places in which we do business.

Operational Excellence
We strive to improve all of our business processes continuously.

We will recruit, train, motivate and lead our employees consistent with our values in order to achieve our shared goals.