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About SQM

With over 40 years of experience, SQM is the worldwide leader in water-soluble Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions. Headquartered in Chile, SQM transform its natural resources (Caliche Ore and Salar Brines) from the Atacama Desert into nutritional solutions to the different needs of plants and crops, besides being one of the largest producers of Iodine and Lithium all over the world. Also, SQM is the worldwide leader in producing and commercializing Potassium Nitrate, a natural, chloride-free, 100% soluble product which enables a more rational use of water for fertigation applications and assists in raising the quality crops.

With commercial offices in over 20 countries, today SQM exceeds 1.9 billion dollars in sales, delivering its products to over 110 countries of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. To achieve this global leadership, the company has made important investments, not only to increase its production capacity, but also to train their employees, research, technology improvement and various actions aimed at understanding the more specific needs of their customers.

SQM goes much further than the delivery of products; their real motivation is the success of their clients together the development of their companies to build a quality supply chain with high profitability in every link.